Simplifying Technology Since 1990.





From the early days of "home computing," through the dot-com boom and now, Jack Socha has provided content, commentary, reviews, products, reports, articles and more to the following clients and others:






Shutterbug Magazine


eDigitalPhoto Magazine


Business Talk Network


Triple M Network (Australia)


WBAL Radio (Baltimore)


Wisconsin Public Radio


Western Technical Collage



Along with Magazine and newpaper articles, classes and tutoring, Socha has created and published the folowing in audio, multimedia or printed form:


The DOS Tape (three editiions)


The PCDOS Tape


What is Windows?


What is Windows 95?


Exploring Music & Sound On Your PC


eBay: Sell Smart From The Start


How To Buy Your First Digital Camera


How To Use The Digital Camera You Just Bought (two editions)