Radio Show Excerpt 1:09

I have been fortunate to make a living with my voice and writing skills.


I've never been an "over the top" disk-jockey, or a provocative talk show host, but I have worked in news-talk radio in major markets.


And my own syndicated "how to" radio shows and audiobooks for tech users were well received.


I currently produce a prerecorded syndicated radio show for the Catholic Diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin, do voice work, and continue to write how-to material.


My delivery has be described as "comforting" and "assuring." Some have compared my delivery to things heard on public radio or the stories of the late Jean Shepherd.


I work mostly with institutional accounts and  non-profits both secular and religious. I do not do political ads, but have cut a lot of standard radio spots over the years!


And, as reviews of my audio books, What is Windows?, What's a Modem? and others suggest, people are comfortable with my delivery in training situations.


Here are a few recent samples of my work.


Public Service Announcement :59

Short Story 5:30



PSA Talk Excerpt 1:11