A "Paper" Camera?


Not long ago I discovered a unique camera, the PaperShoot, with a simple yet elegant purpose:


To return to a time when taking pictures was fun and spontaneous.















Working [long distance!] with George Lin, the creator of the PaperShoot, I found a creative group of people world-wide who love this ultra-simple digital camera!


The basic camera circuitry is the same in all models: 5 MP, good lens, simple operation. The different prices reflect the type of camera bodies provided.


These range from plain heavy duty cardboard (still my favorite) to a variety of true designer products.


Kits which include auxillary or “add-on” lenses are also available.


Unlike so many novelty cameras, these are not "toy" cameras of poor quality with outdated engineering. Take a look at the PaperShoot Gallery from the company website here to see some results. 


Cases, or perhaps I should say "wrappers" are evolving. I just saw one with a wrapper that looks like and audiocassette! Got a talent for design? Make your own wrapper and send me a shot of it!


Deluxe models come in wood and other materials.  But again, the camera inside is the same. Perhaps users of 3D printers will come up with very fanciful designs?