Trackpads Slow You Down?  Me Too!


It was one of those "duh!" moments.

I converted a sluggish Acer "Cloudbook" that barely ran Windows 10 and had minimal SSD storage into a genuinely useful machine by dumping Windows and installing Manjaro Linux.

Suddenly 2 GB of RAM really worked (due to less operating draw on the system) and 32GB was spacious due to Linux apps not being all that large). Sound, WiFi, screen resolution and trackpad all worked. My Cloudbook competitor for the Chromebook suddenly got a LOT more useful. And everything was free!


Manjaro keeps a clean default screen by giving access to all the programs ("apps") from a single boxy icon at the bottom of the screen. However, you can put links to your favorites on the desktop with a right-click, just like with Windows. But since my trackpad has no buttons, I was never able to do anything that required a right-mouse button click with much success. Also, cropping photos or defining areas for a screen capture was not easy.  Even highlighting text was sometimes a chore. Something useful was missing!


Finally, I rummaged around my office for an old HP wireless mouse and USB dongle and used it on the Cloudbook. Suddenly, basic mouse use was effortless and again more accurate.  Same thing with my trackpad-and-button equipped ThinkPad. The mose was better.


Mice are still great to use, even if they are wired.  Don't be lured into think a trackpad replaces it!