$19.95 Kindle Fires?  Yes!


You want a tablet, you have two opposite choices: buy a pricey iPad or similar high-end Android or Windows 10 tablet or try your luck with a no-name Android tablet that comes and goes as fast as the company imports. Support forums? Fuggedaboutit.


But there is a better deal: Kindle Fire refurbs.


Amazon Kindle Fires are specially made Android tablets that offer good quality and the backing of a stable company.  You can buy them new and they do go on sale.


But real savings are found at the Amazon-owned website Woot.com.


While Woot, known for daily deals, often has a selection of so-called refurbished Kindle Fires shipped direct from Amazon starting at $19.95.


Larger screen versions, ones with slots for MicroSD cards or larger memory are more..but seldom more than 39.95.


Even basic models have cameras, a proven operating system, and decent sound.


If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can watch movies, play music and get a free book each month. Or plug them in and transfer your own files. The free program Calibre can even convert books to the Mobi format. 


The Amazon app store has plenty of leisure and productivity items, many free.


Don't plan on storing 1,000 books or your entire music library on the base units, but for most of us, they are more than enough. And $19.95 is a great price, even with $5 shipping.


Woot does not have Kindle Fires every day, but if you check back you will find they pop up on a regular basis. You may have to hunt around to find a fitted case that costs less than your tablet!