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 " This is a wonderful book for photographers of any skill level.Mr Socha explains things in a way that anyone can understand.I keep this book in my camera bag.For someone new to digital photography this book is a must have." has been our general site for information covering consumer technology and more since the early 90's.


The site also showcased ACPress tutorials such as What is Windows?, What's a Modem?, How To Buy Your First Digital Camera, Ebay: Sell Smart From The Start and more.


ACPress continues this tradition with the (printed) book, How to Use the Digital Camera You Just Bought. 


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  "How to use the Digital Camera" provided the perfect mix of photography concepts, combined with historical narratives that helped enforce the principles of photography. It was filled with useful metaphors that helped a beginner grasp complicated fundamentals quite easily. The tone of the book was wonderful, enjoyable and a pleasure to read. The thing that Mr. Socha did so well was to create a book that was so easy and fun to read that you forgot that it was an actual technical handbook. I feel much more at ease and in control now with my new D70. I highly recommend this book for any photographer, but especially beginners."
"I read this book cover to cover and truly enjoyed it. Helped me get the most out of my camera, and everything is laid out in a clear, entertaining way. Totally recommend it, particularly for the beginner camera enthusiast.

How to Use the Digital Camera You Just Bought


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